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Welcome to the 4H Computers Wiki. This is a wiki for sharing knowledge about our projects, that anyone can find and read. If you are a member, please log in if you have an account. If you need an account, please contact Calum.


The 4H Computer Club is for people who are interested in computers, and want a way to share their ideas with others. In doing this, they can get help from other members who may know the answers to their questions. We have many donated computers and electronics hardware that members can experiment and learn with, as well as a 3D printer which members can request parts be printed on. In August, we have the 4H fair, where members can have the experience of sharing their projects with the public, and teaching people all of what they learned. This club was established in November of 2017. The goal of our club is for members to be able to use their experience with us to help people outside of 4H.


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